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A Shared Vision for the Future of Our Environment and Communities

We are a coalition of organizations working with citizens across South Carolina to
ensure future generations continue to enjoy the blessings of our richly diverse state.

Issue Groups

The SC Rivers Forever issue team advocates for the protection of the state’s waterways, coastline, and aquatic ecosystems. Committed to safeguarding clean water sources and preserving the diverse habitats they support, SC Rivers Forever champions policies and initiatives that promote conservation, restoration, and responsible management practices. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, the team works hand in hand with partners, legislators, and citizens to ensure the long-term health and vitality of South Carolina’s drinking water, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and coast. Contact us to get involved!

The Wildlife & Habitat issue team is dedicated to the protection and preservation of our state’s diverse wildlife and unique ecosystems. Focused on conserving critical habitat, promoting sustainable land use, and protecting native species, the team works to safeguard the rich biodiversity that defines South Carolina’s natural landscapes. Through collaborative partnerships with stakeholders, policymakers, and communities, the team advocates for responsible solutions to threats from development, ecosystem change, and pollution. The Wildlife & Habitat team strives to foster a harmonious balance between human development and the conservation of critical ecosystems, ensuring a thriving natural and cultural legacy for future generations to cherish and enjoy. Contact us to get involved!

The Energy Eagles issue team leads the charge for a sustainable and resilient energy future in the Palmetto State. The team focuses on the adoption of clean, affordable, reliable, and equitable energy policies and programs in South Carolina including renewable electricity generation, energy efficiency measures, clean transportation, and other emission-reduction strategies. The Energy Eagles aim to address the impacts of an over-reliance on fossil fuels, as SC residents face some of the highest electricity bills in the nation and environmental changes become more prevalent. Through collaboration with stakeholders, policymakers, and communities, the team drives forward reasonable energy solutions that mitigate environmental harm and ensure economic prosperity and social equity for all South Carolinians. Contact us to get involved!

Get Involved

Contact Your Legislators

Send your legislators a message! Thank them for their service and share why you care about conservation in South Carolina. Hearing that conservation is a priority of their constituents encourages elected officials to make conservation a priority when voting at the State House.