Our Vision

We are a coalition of organizations working with citizens across South Carolina to ensure future generations continue to enjoy the blessings of our richly diverse state. Our vision for South Carolina’s prosperous future is one where natural resources are recognized as an irreplaceable part of our economy, history and culture — and where economic development and conservation goals align.

The SC Conservation Coalition shares the belief that South Carolina should be a place where water resources are used efficiently; where sporting traditions and wildlife abound; where land conservation is honored; where energy needs are met affordably, reliably and cleanly; and where local food is accessible and transportation dollars are invested wisely.

To achieve this worthy vision, we support environmental laws, policies and regulations that affirm the rights of citizens to clean air, abundant water and healthy communities; a fair and efficient public permitting and enforcement process; and adequate funding for natural resource agencies.

The Coalition relies on credible research and listens to all voices. While we respect our differences, we strive for consensus so we can work for the common good. Because every one of us who lives in South Carolina is impacted by the quality of our environment, we are committed to building a broad and diverse constituency to protect South Carolina’s people and places.

Member Organizations